My Story


Hi, I am John Hughes. I bring my many years of experience as a mechanical engineer in reviewing cordless power tools and drilling machines on my website.

It all began a few years ago when my old drill stopped working and caused a huge setback on my DIY. The time I used to work on a single project was not even worth it especially since I was holding onto my trusty old drill based on my preference for it and it’s old glory days. I looked at the drill and thought of how much great work I had done with it – so many fond memories of completed woodworking projects. But then, I decided it was about time for a change of drill.

Seeing that it had been so long since I owned that type of tool, I began my search for a new power drill from online DIY shops. Never in my life did I imagine that there were so many electronic drilling tools, hammer drills, or right-angled drills in existence. To top it all, they all proved to be very capable of handling my drilling needs. Though they had different features, amounts of power, grips, and new designs, they were just too overwhelming for me to choose from. So on the first day, I quit searching.

It wasn’t after I almost missed a deadline, that I suddenly realised how important it was for me to quickly get a new drill! Finally, I sat down to closely study the features, specifications and considered personal preferences for a drill before making my choice – and documented it all. It wasn’t an easy task but it was worth every bit of commitment, time and attention. Not only did I learn about trending drills but also, saws, lawnmowers, screwdrivers, combo kits among a host of other tools. And you know the best part? I thought others could benefit from my research too!

Never have I missed a deadline since I made the perfect choice to change my drill. Apart from working faster, I’ve enjoyed convenience and durability from my working materials like never before and now I have come to realise just how much of this I have missed.

You do not need to take as much time as I did. You do not need to miss a deadline before you find the right drilling or turning tools.  Neither do you have to do a rigorous search before you get the best quality saws, lawnmowers, screwdrivers and combo kits. I have used my years of experience in handling these turning tools in explaining the intricate properties of these tools. The reviews are tailored to your specific needs.

My experience is not something I would want any other person to go through. So I decided to make it easy by providing reviews of the best drilling and turning tools to help you make your choice easier – saving your time and your money.

So with this, you can cut down on hours of searching on the internet by just carefully reading through the reviews here. I am optimistic you will get the right materials to suit your drilling and turning needs – whether for home DIY projects or otherwise. 

I have researched a list of power tools that will help you produce the best work in a short time frame and even replacement options for your old tools. I provide reviews of reliable, well-known household brands, paperweight and power tools, unique battery framework and cordless drills with special features that would amaze you. I hope that you will find every piece of information here useful because that is the exact purpose this site was made for!

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