Best Corded Drill UK 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best corded drills uk

Nowadays, going about with wires is cumbersome for devices like mobile phones or laptops. However, such an evolution cannot be totally acceptable when it comes to drills. You need the best-corded drill in the UK to get your job done effectively. Though there are cordless drills but they use batteries and the level of speed that they can produce compared to corded drills is relatively low. 

Corded drills are top speed givers which makes them perfect for heavy applications.  They hardly wear out even when used for a long time and above all, they are reliable. To cap it all, the best corded drills are gotten at affordable prices. These drills are exceptional in terms of the service they provide and functionality. 

However, there are a wide range of corded drills from different manufacturers and this could be a major problem when there needs to be a change. Almost every drill can begin to look right for your work but you can’t decide based on looks alone. Significant drilling works need quality corded drills that guarantee comfort and above all, one that has appreciable customer testimony. 

After testing these drills ourselves and done thorough research, we present you with the best qualities in the business.

Our Top 3 Choice

  • If you are looking for a high capacity hammer drill with three-dimensional features, this is your best bet. Faster drilling time and better effect mechanism on all applications.
  • If you do not mind spending a few extra cash for this drill, you should get it. You get a great value for your money with its 4 different functions that work perfectly well.
  • Technology is advancing by the day to make life as easy as possible. If you love tools that give you utmost convenience and ease when working, this is your drill.

Best Corded Drill In 2021 – Reviews

Corded drills are marked for their capacity in handling heavy applications regardless of where they are needed. They are eminent for drilling holes in concrete, wood, steel etc. With their great speed, your work is done in a short and precise manner, giving you a neat job. 

What is a good corded drill without placing premise on comfort? The best corded drills are noted for their ergonomic features that provide unimaginable comfort for their users. Their handles and parts are constructed to help fasten a stress free drilling process helping you get rid of any trace of fatigue.

Furthermore, these drills perform more than one function. Their engrossment is to reduce the number of tools you have to use while drilling. They are made specially to help you cut cost while giving you even better results for less tools.

This article focuses on helping you get the unique and quintessential corded drill for your home and business. 

1. Bosch EasyImpact 550 Hammer Drill

Top Choice
Best Corded Drill UK
9.4/10 Our Score

This drill is our top choice because of its three-dimensional functionality that is submerged in one drill. It can be used for screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling, switching to any of these functions is hassle- free.

Bosch EasyImpact 550 hammer drill is very easy to use for both starters and professionals. This hammer drill is of a remarkable compact size of 1.5kg. However, the manufacturers provided an outstanding level of power for a drill so small. The no load speed is between 50- 3000 revolution per minute and it has an impact rate of 33.000 blows per minute. Despite the size, a heavy power speed is not compromised.

In addition, it uses as low as 550 watts of power supply, with this drill your fears of having a tool that sucks out your power is assuaged. An effortless drilling experience is assured by using this turning tool even on concrete. This tool is also very apt when used for screwdriving, it is quick and straightforward and it has a reverse rotation function.

Fast operations are done with this hammer drill because of its twin-sleeve keyless chuck without the need for other tools like an allen key. It is lightweight, comfortable and very easy to handle. The auxiliary handle is anti-slip which helps you to have a firm grip on the drill while working.

3 Common Features:

Size: The Bosch EasyImpact 550 Hammer drill has a length of 37cm, a width of 38.6cm and height of 12.5cm. This hammer drill has a lightweight of 1.5kg that is unmatched by its counterparts. This hammer drill despite its size contains perfectly a high capacity function.

Capacity: The maximum drilling diameter of this drill for concrete is 10mm. For steel, it is 8m while wood is 25mm. The no-load speed is within the range of 50-3000rpm. Bosch Hammer drill was built with a high impact rate of 25mm on heavy applications. Electronic speed control is flawless because it accelerates with a trigger switch while drilling.

Comfort: Comfortability with Bosch hammer drill is superb. It uses a quality anti-slip handle that not only makes it easy to hold but also keeps the handle from slipping off the collar. With its compact design, the drill hammer is also easy to control by even learners.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a cheap, lightweight, high capacity hammer drill with three-dimensional features, this is your best bet. Faster drilling time and better effect mechanism on all applications.

2. Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill

Best Multi- Talented Tool
Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill
8.9/10 Our Score

With this tool, you can get screwdriving, hammering, chiselling and drilling all packed in one. If you are someone who likes having tools that have more than one function especially because of space, this tool serves you best.

Bosch PBH 2100 RE is a first-class turning tool that provides a wide range of features for precise drilling that uses a pneumatic hammer mechanism. It is perfect for fitting and producing firm wooden structures like summer houses. Effortless hammering, chiselling and drilling in masonry and concrete materials is certain.

The motor capacity for all applications is a minimal rate of 550 watts. This rotary hammer uses a keyless chuck for hassle free change of bits. Impact force and total speed is adjustable electronically to match the application and material. Average rotary hammers have a speed of 800rpm- 1700 rpm, however, Bosch PBH 2100 RE is exceptional with a speed of 2300rpm. 

Bosch manufacturers are outstanding for their keyless chucks. They give comfortable, easy to use chucks that helps in properly fastening the cylindrical drill bits. It allows for a rapid change of SDS- plus fitting for screwdriver bits or straight shank drill. Apart from that, the speed level is easy to control.

3 Common Features:

Size: With a length of 37.5 cm, width of 37cm and height of 11.5cm, the Bosch PBH offers precision in drilling exercises. It has a lightweight of 2.2 kg that reduces the weight on your arms and minimises your level of fatigue. Working with this drill helps protect your hands and arms from possible strains.

Capacity: Concrete materials have a maximum drilling diameter of 20mm with this drill while wood also has the same. However, the maximum drilling diameter for steel is 13mm. This drill also reaches a rotational speed of 2300rpm and its impact rate is 0-5800 rpm. When there is no load on it, the speed ranges from 0-2300rpm. 

Comfort: It is built solely to provide you with high class comfort while providing the power that your materials need. With a slim-line design you can easily drill with the ideal control and grip for your work.

Final Verdict:

If you do not mind spending a few extra cash for this drill, you should get it. You get a great value for your money with its 4 different functions that work perfectly well.

3. Meterk Impact Drill

Most Convenient Drill
Meterk Impact Drill
8.3/10 Our Score

The meterk impact drill has mouthwatering advanced features that are made specially to make working as easy as possible. To crown it all, you can buy yourself ease at an extremely cheap price. It is an impact drill, an electric drill and a screw extractor that covers a broad range of uses.

One of its advanced features is concerned with preventing the motor of the drill from getting burnt. A large exhaust vent design is used for the rapid cooling of the drill mainly to extend the life span of the motor. With ease, the maximum speed level can be adjusted by a variable switch that also locks itself to a fixed speed. The power to control the speed of your drill is what Meterk bestows on you.

This drill is good for your home as well as for your business. TVs, furniture, chandeliers are easily put in place by this drill because it is also good for repairs. When you need to drill the wall, door or window of your house, this drill comes in handy. It has a metal gear box integrated into it that allows for it to be used even in the toughest conditions.

Furthermore, it offers you convenience with its adjustable side handles that ensures that you have the best possible control over your drill. With its keyless chuck, you can get your tools clamped in no time and without extra tools. This turning tool has the highest customer rating among its counterparts with users that sing it’s high praises.

3 Common Features:

Size: The dimensions of this drill is 29cm length, 20cm width and 7cm height. This weighs a lightweight of 2.42 kilograms and uses a 360° rotating handle for hammer and drill.

Capacity: Fast and effective operation is attained with 850 watts of power. The maximum drilling diameter for concrete and steel is 13mm, while wood is 25mm. It is most efficient for steel, tiles, drilling and wood. This drill’s speed ranges from 0-3000rpm.

Comfort: It uses automatic spindle lock to lock the speed to avoid constant pressure on the lock button that could lead to fatigue. The side handle is adjustable and it is made of rubberised and ergonomic material for easy grip. With its comfortable features, control over the drill is made easy.

Final Verdict:

Technology is advancing by the day to make life as easy as possible. If you love tools that give you utmost convenience and ease when working, this is your drill.

4. Tacklife Hammer Drill 2800RPM

Best Home Drill
Tacklife Hammer Drill 2800RPM
7.9/10 Our Score

Drilling has been made easy with this tacklife hammer drill, you can get both a hammer and a drill in one tool. It’s impact is effective and efficient in giving you the best results that your turning tools should give.

Amongst all the drills, this drill is best for your home as you can easily use it on metal, wood, plastic, masonry and concrete. If you’ve been looking for a drill with variable speed that you can control within the confines of your home, Tacklife hammer was made specifically for you.

However, this tool consumes as high as 710watts so you have to consider carefully your power supply and usage before you buy it. It offers you great precision, durability and sturdiness for your business. It’s compact design makes an effortless use in tight spaces. 

Drilling with accuracy using this drill and its lock on button to help make your work stress-free. It has a side assist handle that can be easily controlled to help you get the perfect drilling results. A suitable speed can be easily set with this tool using its carefully thought features. 

To crown it all, Tacklife Hammer Drill comes with a 12 Drill bits set that helps you to easily change from one bit to another. There is no style that you want that you won’t get from this product with its wide choice of bits. However, this drill cannot be used on reinforced concrete walls but it is perfect for the normal ones.

3 Common Features:

Size: With a length of 26.6cm, width of 26cm and height of 7.4cm, the Tacklife hammer drill produces correct and pointed drilling results. It weighs 2.47kg which is a reasonable weight size to reduce strain on your joints.Tacklife features a motor of pure copper and it is a ½ inch hammer drill. The body of the hammer is only 5.5lbs which makes it suitable for different tasks.

Capacity: This drill uses a power capacity of 710watts and 240 volts. The maximum drilling dimension for steel and concrete is 13mm while wood is 25mm. It’s power can be easily regulated to fit different applications and usage.

Comfort: It has a 360° rotating handle and metal chuck that makes for great flexibility during usage. The best grip is offered by this handle which is asserted by its sturdy and durable metal chuck. A lock-in button is used to lock the drill to a particular speed for a reduction of fatigue especially during long hours.

Final Verdict:

There’s no way your money can waste by getting this drill because it offers great value for money. You can get a simple to use and effective drill for a cheap price.

5. Dewalt 701W 13mm Percussion Drill

Best For Heavy Duty Applications
Dewalt 701W 13mm Percussion Drill
7.5/10 Our Score

If your search is for a drill that would easily help you to do your work by yourself, then this is your option. It comes with a manual that is easy to read that gives clear instructions about how the tool should be used. This drill is distinguished by its capacity to produce unmatched precision while drilling. 

What is a drill if you cannot effortlessly regulate its speed to a level of your choice? Dewalt uses a trigger sensitive switch to help you achieve effortless regulation of drill speed with your drill. The drill is powerful and long lasting being that it was built for heavy duty applications.

With this drill, you can drill into almost any type of surface, it was engineered to penetrate even the hardest of surfaces with accuracy. With its rubber back handles it increases comfort and creates a realistic balance between power and comfort. The keyless steel chuck allows for quick bit change and it offers outstanding bit retention. 

However, this drill is on the expensive side, it costs over 100 pounds but it is worth every single dime because of its ability to penetrate most kinds of surfaces. This drill would be very good for your business especially if it involves a lot of concrete.

3 Common Features:

Size: The dimensions of this drill are 81 x 33.1 x 32.5cm, the dimension is an inclination to the heavy duty feature of this drill. It weighs 3.5kg which compared to other drills is considered heavy. The voltage is 230 volts.

Capacity: Dewalt percussion drill has 2800 revolutions per minute and a range of 0-2800rpm when there is no load on it. However, 2800 is the maximum revolution.

Comfort:It uses a rubber back handle that makes your work as comfortable as possible. You can easily grip the handle and get perfect drilling results. The side handle can also take multiple positions.

Final Verdict:

The price of this product would not seem unreasonable if you are a business owner, however it won’t be so good for home users especially when they do not need the heavy duty use.

6. Makita HR2630

Best Rated Drill
Makita HR2630
6.9/10 Our Score

Makita HR2630 offers you three different modes of operation which are: rotation, rotation with hammering and hammering alone. With the mode change lever you can easily switch from one mode to the other with the rotating chuck.

Bit installation and removal is made easy with the one touch sliding chuck. Changing and removal of bits are done in a hassle-free way without any complications. With the trigger, you can achieve a variable speed control to make your experience worthwhile. It also has 40 different bit angles settings.

This product has a high rating as customers highly recommend this drill for others. However, this brand gives a clear notice that all the accessories displayed are not supplied as standard equipment.

You might want to be discouraged by this, but customers have not complained about this and it is under control.

3 Common Features:

Size: Dimensions are 11 x 42 x 31 centimetres, it gives powerful functionality. This lightweight drill weighs 2.8kg which allows you to get the best results in a less strenuous manner.

Capacity: The drilling vibration of Makita HR2630 into a metal is 2.5 meter per second. The maximum diameter for concrete using TCT bit is 26mm, with TCT core it is 68mm. For wood, the maximum diameter is 32mm while steel is 13mm. Makata brand provides a drill with 800watts, 40 volts and a speed of 1200 rpm.

Comfort: With it’s one touch sliding chuck, it guarantees the easy installation and removal of bits. It’s three operational modes are easy to switch from.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a drill with the highest customer ratings, this is your drill. This best corded drill has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

7. Evolution Power 4 Function Hammer Drill

Best Drill Handle
Evolution Power 4 Function Hammer Drill
6.3/10 Our Score

Evolution power hammer drill combines four different functions of drilling, chiselling, hammering and rotation. This high impact energy drill is multifaceted and effective for all your different works.

It has a variable speed feature that allows you to adjust the drill speed during use. The auxiliary handle is easily adjustable and it allows for an easy direction of the drill into position. This drill handle allows for soft grips putting your comfort and ergonomic desires at the forefront.

The key attributes of this drill are its strength and durability. Evolution power provides you with power and efficiency to help you cover all its multi-functional features. It fits properly for both your daily and lengthy use.

However, this drill is not good for precision and it’s difficult to figure out its use.

3 Common Features:

Size: The dimensions are 32 x 8.5. 21 cm, it weighs 3.5kg. It has 3 x SDS Drill bits and 2 x chisel bits that further accents its wide range of usage.

Capacity: he dimensions are 32 x 8.5. 21 cm, it weighs 3.5kg. It has 3 x SDS Drill bits and 2 x chisel bits that further accents its wide range of usage.

Comfort: This brand is remarkable for its durable, efficient handles that make for soft and easy grips. They are also adjustable and great for the proper positioning of your drill.

Final Verdict:

If you need a drill with all four functions, get this one. However, not all of it is effective but it is still great value for your money.

Corded Drills In The UK 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

You should never pick any product without taking a lot of factors into consideration. What is considered to be the best corded drill for you is one that fits perfectly into what you need.


Before buying any of these products, you must carefully analyse and plan your budget. Your choice has to be budget friendly and something that you can afford. It would do a lot of harm if you end up buying a really expensive corded drill when you could get a cheaper one that offers the same features. Cost is not a determiner of great functionality.

Area of Usage

The type of drill that your home would need is different from one a professional or business person would need. You must carefully identify the features of the drill that makes it a perfect choice for the area of use. You cannot use a heavy weight drill in your house because it would be unrealistic. However, a business could accommodate any kind of drill based on what it offers.

Power Consumption 

With great attention to detail, you must identify the level of power that a corded drill consumes before buying it. You could get a drill with a high wattage if you can afford the consumption of power, however if you cannot afford it, your best choice would be one with lower consumption. Being that it does not use batteries like cordless drills, the power is an important thing to note.


You wouldn’t want to get a drill that is not comfortable and have to live with it for a long time or even go through stress trying to return it. Based on customer reviews on the product determine the level of comfort the drill offers its users to avoid stress. Drilling in itself can cause fatigue but having an uncomfortable one would make the task even more difficult.


The speed of the drill matters because it determines how fast you get your job done. Having to bore holes into surfaces for a long time can be exhausting, however a high speed drill can save you from such an experience. Your best corded drill should be the drill that offers you a high level of speed during usage.


Having to use a heavy drill when a lighter one could do the job perfectly could be a major waste of time. Your perfect choice should be a lightweight drill that offers optimum power and functionality. However, if you do not mind a heavy drill then you can buy it anyway.


Corded drills are remarkable for their lightweight and their high power generation. They are best for hard projects that cordless ones are insufficient for. Also, it’s power source is reliable and consistent as it relies on power supply rather than batteries. This drill is structured in a way that allows you to use it for a long time.

This article helps you to choose and reduce time spent on endless research. It has committed time to help you discover the best corded drill for your diverse use.

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